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Thursday, July 18, 2013 —

Caronia, a local nail polish brand has a new campaign entitled The Sound of Color. Caronia highlights its nail polish collection, which has over 72 bright and trendy shades as tools that can allow women to embody the dynamism of the different genres of modern sound. From the funky to the classic, the energetic to the serene, the harmonic to the edgy and loud, Caronia believes that the blend of these two timeless facets of self-expression-color and sound-are instrumental in inspiring women to share their passion to the world.

I attended their event weeks ago with my blog loves Ana and Mama Sarah. When we got in, I was like "SQUEE!" when i saw the cute nail art booths! Rock is definitely Mama Sarah's booth. Ana chose alternative and I should've chosen pop but due to time constraint, I chose the rock booth.

Look at our Caronia-fied (LOL inventing terms again haha) nails!!

Minimalist nails. Yup it's ok to assume this is my hand hehe

Mama Sarah's and Mommy Earth's nails :D 

Of course they had 3 kinds of giveaways also! Rock, pop and alternative nail kits :D I chose pop. Can't say no to sequins!! :)) And colorful stuff haha!

In the middle of the program, the brand manager talked about the launch of the Caronia Jingle Contest, a search for the best and most talented local act who used their own sound to bring the artistry of the Caronia Jingle to brand new heights. This contest will ask the joiners to perform their own rendition of the Caronia jingle, with emphasis on how original and creative their entry is.

The campaign culminates with The Sound of Color Music Festival, a 4-hour musical extravaganza to be held this November at the Sky Dome, SM North EDSA, featuring electrifying performances from an exciting line-up of some of the best acts from the local music scene today. Part of the set are finalists from the Caronia Jingle Contest, with the festival serving as the grand finals for the jingle contestants.

The band Gracenote performed the new Caronia jingle and some of their songs!

Fell in love with their music and the uber talented vocalist Eunice Jorge who played the piano, violin, and drums that night :O I think it's safe to say she's my girlcrush hehehe

Thank you Caronia for inviting us to this cool event! Ahhh! Seriously can't wait for this music festival 8-)

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