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Saturday, July 20, 2013 —

Thought I'd make things interesting (I hope haha) and post about my daily activities / work here. I've pondered about this over and over again because I'm secretive but... YOLO (haha kidding!) Hi Ma, now you're totally updated with what I do on a daily basis. Hehe.

So say hello to my life from July 1-7 2013! :D

July 1 

Super busy day!! I went to Blanca de China, this new Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired spa in San Juan. Pamper time cos June was crazy and I wanted to welcome July with a more chill perspective. Haha! Got stuck in traffic in GH but thank God I was able to attend my barre 3 class in Fort. One workout wasn't enough that day so I went to Empire Boxing in Makati after barre! Did a bit of TRX and boxing of course! I think we left the gym around 930pm and the exhaustion I was feeling was unexplainable! Had dinner in this chicken place (I forgot the name hahaha) and tasted the best bottled iced tea ever :O Grabbed Bar Dolci macarons before heading home :)

Killer workout!!! 

With Josine!! Nice seeing you chum! :)

July 2

 Finally got to eat in Kuppa Roastery in Fort cos I attended the Celeteque launch there :) I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. I was super cranky!! Good thing Ana and I bonded in Toast Box so naging chill ako! Sarap nun milo toast and milo dinosaur! Umay nga lang :P Got a massage after cos I was feeling so tense. Kailangan magrelax! All my bv-ness went away when I saw my bestfriend Iks. Nag Barre3 kami, had dinner then watched Monsters Inc (We liked it!) Love you bespreeeen!

OOTD!!! Wearing a zara sweater, H&M shorts, fly shades, and butterfly twists flats.

July 3

Free day! No work so super happy ko :) Haha! Morning Barre3 class with Teens then lunch at Mamou. I swear their truffle pasta is TDF! Kaloka. Haha what diet?! Outfit photo after then I bumped into Laureen! Had no plans na that afternoon pero biglang nagtext yun cousin ko to go to our achi's condo in Pedro Gil. Since I miss my cousins so so much, kahit malayo, go!! Solid bonding session. Dinner at Friday's, shopping at Topshop & Mango (gotta love sale season!), watched Despicable Me then dessert in Cafe Breton. Thanks Ach :)

Same outfit photo spot in Rockwell haha!

Foodtrip with my cousins Carla and Richard + my bratty but cute godchild Miguel (i named him naks) :)

July 4 

No photos cos I went to DLSU lang :) Hehe. First time to try Cafe De Seoul! But I will do a separate blog post on that :D

July 5 

Visited the Janilyn store in Glorietta and got 2 new pairs of shoes (thanks Kacci!). Friday traffic was nice to me cos ang dali ko nakarating sa Fort! Met up with Paul in Fully Booked. Konting basa ng libro then outfit shot time :D Super quick lang because I was so excited to go to the Lee Min Ho presscon! Dropped by the Bench exhibit also. Amazing ads/photography! After a whole day of work, shempre Barre 3 time. Best feeling cos friday na tapos eto pa... reunited with Joh (my bestfriend who studies in London). Vacation niya :) Saya lang because we had dinner in Recovery food, drank in Good Earth tas midnight snack in Slice. Narealize namin that night that we're soulmates and SURE na we'll be bestfriends forever haha :-) Aw.

Piolo and Dingdong! Super hot naman :| :O

Fascinating :D

Aww baby Juliana!

Wheew!! my girlcrush Lovi and yes... never reveal your secret ;)

Saw Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres. Peg couple :p

My bes Joh :-)

July 6

LEE MIN HO concert with Joa! Pengeng isang Lee Min Ho sa life ko, Lord :p Wasn't supposed to go out after the concert cos I had a run the next day. But since I'm so clingy to my friends, I went to Aracama for my friend's grad party. Congrats RG. No regrets! Sobrang saya that night and sarap nun punch bowl HAHAHA. I got drunk (A bit lang) then my friend (hi Tats) was mapilit na magstay pa after Aracama. So we went to GER and he ate tas grabe... 330am na nasa fort pa ko :| Assembly time nun run was 430am. When I got home, naligo lang ako then leave again for Fort! :O Sana pala di na ko umuwi noh haha

I hate clubbing but I surprisingly had fun that night! Thanks to that yummy punch bowl haha

My girls!! Iks, Chek, Coy, Yana and Monica :)

July 7

I went to the Adidas King of the Road and ran 10k ng walang tulog at may amats! Grabe lang :| But I'm so proud because I didn't faint and kahit first run ko, naka 1hour and 20mins ako. Could've done better but namaaaan, zombie mode ako. Straight from partying! LOL. Hayyy kid, wag tularan! Mcdo breakfast with Paul after. Tas pahinga na buong day! Recovery time.

Nakuha pa magpose eh haha

Naks! Ate victory for breakfast. With Pauly pocket :D

Now I want to join marathons! Kaya ko pala e :) More more training lang dapat! Hehe.

That's all folks! I'm in Tali right now. Weekend getaway with my golf barkada! Happy weekend guys :)

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  1. I love that you're starting to share more. Laging may ganap ah. love your blog hihi



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