Tracy's diary: whirlwind of emotions

Sunday, July 21, 2013 —

A week full of ups and downs. So what happened to me from July 8 to 14 2013?

July 8

As usual, I did pullouts in Shangri-La and Megamall. Around dinnertime, I realized I haven't eaten the whole day so I rushed to Spatzle (this new European resto in Shang) and had macarons for dessert in TWG. Seriously love the new Shang East Wing! Ang ganda :)

July 9

Barre3 class in Rockwell with Ana! It's her first time and I'm super happy she enjoyed it :) Went to Pink Parlour Makati A.venue after our workout sesh. Foot spa time naman :) Pamper day namin haha! You can read all about our royal princess treatment HERE plus join my giveaway narin. Hehe :D After our bonding session, I went to Glorietta and met up with my bestfriend Iks. No photos but we had dinner and watched 4 sisters and a wedding! Iyak kami ng iyak. Galing ni Toni and Bea :)

Always fun to workout with a friend!:)

July 10

I woke up late (I blame the rain) and realized I have an event to attend. Rushed to KPUB, Fort for the Clear Dream Match presscon. Good thing I went! The Azkals made my day. Cuteness overload in the morning hahahaha :P Back to reality around 2pm. Had to do pullouts in Highstreet. I was super tired after 2 hours of work (no assistant so I was carrying around 4/5 paperbags lol). I felt the need to unwind for a bit so I texted my manager Trixie whose office is also in BHS. Perfect timing cos she was in CAV. Wine time with Trix, Abby and AJ! :) Goodvibes. Hehe. Barre3 after! Wine before workout was a bad idea -_-

With the Younghusbands // Trix, Abby, AJ

July 11 

Accompanied Abra to his second GGV guesting! Always a good time with these guys (Abra, Josef, Apekz). We were in ABS till 10pm cos we had late dinner in Whistlestop. 


Abra and Josef trying out different jackets haha 

OOTD lol

Apekz and Abra were trying to construct pangpakilig lines. I actually created a few awesome ones but these guys just laughed at me! Mashado daw cheesy hahaha K

Tracy: Ano ka ba naman babe, alam mo naman wala kang kaagaw. Kasi itong puso ko, ikaw lang ang sinisigaw.

What do you guys think?? :)) Hahahaha

Instagram video I accidentally deleted so I decided to upload it here nalang. Watch Apekz and Abra's pangpakilig lines. Toink! :p

Apekz: Ano ba naman babe, walang nangyari samin. Tska unang una sa lahat, siya yun nag add sakin.

Abra: Wag ka na magselos babe, di naman siya nanggugulo. Kahit punong puno na ko sa kakareklamo mo, ikaw parin nilalaman ng puso ko.

...OH THESE GUYS tsktsk. Mga linya!!

Hiphop? Nyahaha

July 12 

Styled a Women's Health editorial. It was a really quick one! After 1 hour tapos na kami :O Had Mcdo breakfast with the team. Mga afternoon, returns naman! So thankful I still had the energy to do barre3 after. Look! I was finally able to do the toe stand pose. Have to straighten my back though. After the grueling workout, I had dinner in Mary Grace with Nads. Tapos Bugsys Makati with my golf team barkada. Tambay sa bahay ng friend then Aracama! No photos haha daming pangyayari nun eh. I'd rather not recall haha

July 13

Total Girl shoot from 2-6pm. Went to Shang after to do returns then birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my kabarkadas Tor and Chris (PSC, T party kailan na!!). Paola brought her nephew Ignacio :) He super made me smile! Such a smart kid. Told him not to break girls' hearts when he grows up. HAHAHA. Next stop: Jo's birthday at Kimmy's. Not so much photos cos we were all too busy laughing :P Happy birthday B! Dropped by Aracama with Aics and Ger; after 1 hour... uwian na! Lola vibes eh :))

I seriously love Texas Roadhouse!! The besttttt

Ignacio and I look alike :O // my hs friends Chris and Tor:)

Ger, Aics, Joey, Stan, Nobs

July 14

Sunday workday! Did returns. Not complaining! Work is always a blessing :) Attended the 5pm service at CCF. Thanked God for making me stronger. The week was really challenging. But at the end of the day, we all should embrace positivity and let go of the past. Move forward! Went to Marge's condo in Malayan after. Had dinner in Uncle Moes and watched Love Sick Love! :) Please watch it guys. Download niyo dali! Haha solid psych thriller movie :p

Starting tomorrow, puro outfit blog posts na!! :) I'm baaaack! Promise no more backlogs :D Totoo na to! Hehe.

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  1. Cutie the last photo! :) Super happy lang! :) For sure great week to! :) See you Wed!!!


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