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Friday, July 26, 2013 —
Tracy's diary! Happenings from July 15 to 21 :-)

July 15

My usual day: Pullouts! But I finished early so I had lunch in Nanbantei with my hot manager Trixie & Den :-) After, I went to Early Bird Breakfast Club and had french toast fondue with Teens & Syril. Since I was feeling responsible that day, I dragged Teens to the BHS playground and we took outfit shots :P Went home to change clothes and get my gym clothes. Gym time with Marge in Malayan! We swam after :) Then had dinner in Earl's. New discovery!! I love their sandwiches 8-)

My new happy place. Gym in Malayan!

Gym time with Margaritaaa!

Oh my gosh. Can't wait to try these :D

Yummy sandwiches!!

July 16

Yeah usual pullouts to start my day :P Went to BHS (again) to meet up with Ana, Sarah, Paul and Arnie! Outfit photo time :P Then Paul and I went to the Greenwich event in R Space Makati. They launched the new greenwich kabarkadas (Gino Quillamor, Marco Lobregat and my love Andi!!) plus they introduced the new Greenwich Pizza Thins. Yum! It was raining like crazy after and I had no choice but to brave the floods :)) One for the books. Lol

Look at my skirt. Girl on fire?? Choz

Naks! New Greenwich endorser :P 

Yeah... me and my boyfriend. LOL!! Kidding :D Love you John Lloyd!! Heehee.

July 17

Lunch in Wildlflour with my bestfriendsis Kara :) She gave me pasalubong from Dylan's candy bar NY! Cute :) I didn't have work that day so I just shopped then went home to sleep! Yay for rest days :)

Oink oink day for me :P

July 18

Had a morning shoot in Fort. "Selfie" beauty editorial :P So cute!! Won't say what magazine but I'll announce soon. Shoot ended around 1 so I decided to nap first at my editor's place to kill time. After my sweet siesta, I went to Bar Dolci to grab merienda. Hungout at Nads' condo in Fort to just bond and SLEEP (haha I was sleep deprived ok :P). Woke up around 6 and realized I have to go to the Ford Fiesta VIP launch! Good thing I was in Fort already. Was super amazed with the new Ford Fiesta exhibit. Stayed with the geeky nights boys Mark and Dale that night :) After the event, I went to Fully Booked to finish The Timekeeper (YES, I consider Fully Booked as my library). When I got home, I saw a box of JCo donuts!! Thank you JCo and Bridges PR for being so thoughtful :)

Shoot :D


Ford Fiesta exhibit

With the Geeky nights boys Dale and Mark

I super recommend this book.

July 19

Lunch meeting at Namnam. Ahhh seriously my fave Filipino restaurant. I'm addicted to their university fried rice. :O After work and meetings, roadtrip time! Tali weekend with the golf team barkada. Sweet :-) Chill night. Sangria, I love you. Haha!

Fave combo from Namnam! Ube shake and university fried rice.

Hello Tali :)

Full moon. Pa artsy... choz

Sangria + bestfriend = LOVE.

July 20-21

Stayed in Tali till Sunday. Chill, inom, tulog, swim, played basketball in the pool, played charades and cranium, drank... Sweet escape :D More of this please! Paguwi ko dito sa Manila, diretso agad sa spa for a massage. I swear, ang saya ng week na to :D

"Gago" wine lol hahahahaha

Prepared breakfast with Coy and Paula :)

Chinese lunch c/o Ikya and Chuck and Seafood dinner c/o Chek and Allan :D NOMNOM!

Floaters and basketball game made the kids (us hahaha) happy :P

With Chek!:)

With my girls Iks, Chek & Coy! :)

Yoga like a boss. HAHAHA!


Cranium night! I really love this game. Pang competitive hahaha :P

Bye bye Tali see you soon :D

Toodles! x

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