A Hipster Party

Thursday, August 1, 2013 —
Say hello to hipster Tracy and her new hipster blonde hair at a hipster party. LOL!!! :D And because pa hipster effect nga to, I used poladroid to edit my photos :D Para mas fun yun kwento diba? Hehehe

What?? A Hipster Party in Azta Urban Salon eastwood? :) YUP! You read that right!

Loved the theme of this particular Azta's style session! From the props to desserts to our outfits... lahat hipster! ;)

The food and dessert table!! How adorable :)

Cake and mallow pops!

Pastillas and pretzels

Oreo cookies and milk tea latte cupcakes

Pumpkin and peanut butter bacon cupcakes

Rainbow cake. Sadly, I only ate cake pops cos diet ako!! :( So saaaad. I wanted to try everything but self-control :P

When I went to my booth, I saw this personalized nameframe!! Naks I had a styling team that day! Feeling artista :P

They served us milk tea and cupcake :) How thoughtful! Love how they treat me like a queen talaga in Azta :D While I they were coloring my hair...

Denise said bye bye. She had class so she left early. So pretty, babygirl!! :)

Finished product! Lol. New hair color for me (mine is medium ash blonde) and Ana (red head na ulet sha)!! I also got a lycopene treatment after my hair color. Sobrang lamig sa ulo ang sarap! Now my hair feels extra soft. Pang commercial na!! 

Thank you Ms Rich of Azta SM San Lazaro and Ate Josan of Azta Katipunan for taking care of my hair :)

Before and after! Ash blonde + shorter hair :D Getting a perm next week! Yayyy

Thank you Azta Urban Salon for pampering me!! Had fun at your Hipster party :) Ang unique ng concept and I felt really special that day! Thoughtful ng buong Azta team :) Thank you so so much!!

Plus thank you Bedhead, Loreal, Chihtsai, Cynos and Davines for my hair products!! :)

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  1. aww what a cute concept! A hipster party is definitely a gold star! :D

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