Saturday, August 17, 2013 —

 Adding a new sport in my list of hobbies... ARCHERY at Kodanda Archery Range :D

LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN at Kodanda Archery Range! (With Pauly, Ana and Ava)

They have specific bows for certain weight! And of course they have for kids, too.

Feeling Katniss Everdeen!!! LOL

Selfie time with my archery essentials (SAFETY FIRST!) ;) I didn't know archery has a lot of equipment! Akala ko bow and arrow lang. Hehe

FEEL NA FEEL! Hahahaha

My new addiction!!! It's the perfect stress reliever for sporty people na ayaw ng calm workouts like yoga. But you don't have to be athletic to try this. Yun mga coach dun part of the Archery Philippine Team so you know you're in good hands! I like how they taught us. Parang feel ko ang bilis ko natuto :)

NAKS. The archers! ANIMO LASALLE! Lol school spirit :))

Try Archery at Kodanda Archery Range (For details, see photo above :p) Something different and unique. Challenging pa but in a fun way :)

My OOTD for that day taken in Little Tokyo na katabi lang halos ng Makati Cinema Square. More detailed post tom! Hope you enjoyed my little kwento about Archery. Abangan ang mga susunod ko na adventures :P :P

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  1. Thanks, love for this!:) can't wait till our next "katniss everdeen" :))


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