Hiphop girl

Monday, August 19, 2013 —

Top - Bench
Shorts - Next Jeans (available in department stores nationwide)
Wedge sneakers - Naleigh
Cap - Obey from Trilogy

Drafting this blog post at 5 in the morning. It sucks to be nocturnal. I actually slept from 7pm-12mn. So now I can't sleep. Wasn't able to go out cos of this insane rain. It's still pouring like crazy outside and I'm praying hard it stops... now. Got a lot of work to do later and I'll certainly get lazy if the rain doesn't stop. Plus, I'm scared for everyone whose houses/areas are flooded already. Please stay safe, everyone! x

So yes... back to this outfit. Showing off my boyish side again. I look like a hiphop girl :P Bagay ba? Lol.

Leaving you guys with this cute photo from Paul's blog. Haha!! Me doing archery at Kodanda Archery Range (read about my new hobby HERE). Apparently, I look like Merida from the movie Brave. HAHAHAHA. Witty ka Paul ah :P Btw, he also took these outfit photos. Thank you! 

PS Vote for him (Paul Chuapoco) in the Stylebible's Virtual Style Awards!! And please vote for my idol Kookie Buhain, too!


  1. Aw Man! You're sweet! Haha. See the similarities? Pati hair parehas kayo.

    1. Galing mo nga maghanap ng pegs e! Pati yun kay ava and ana kuhang kuha!


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