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Wednesday, August 28, 2013 —

Shorts - Zara
Shades - Pepe Jeans
Flats - SM Parisian
Bracelets - Bend Accessories

Yesterday, I woke up quite early thinking the event I was going to attend is at 11am. When I texted Ana and the PR company, both said it's still at 1pm. I fell asleep after texting them and woke up at... 1pm!!! :)) HAHAHAHA. So I rushed to the bathroom to take a bath, got the first items I saw in my closet, and left for Fort. When I got to Seda Hotel (the venue of the event) I realized I had zero make-up, my hair was still soaking wet ( I'm not kidding!) and my outfit looked like a "pantulog" LOLLLL!! When the PR people and my friends saw me they all asked: kakagising mo lang girl, noh? sabay sagot with my bedroom voice "yeahhhh" Yikes hehehe. 

To be honest, I really don't fix up when I go to events nowadays. I'm not lazy (defensive hahahaha) I think I'm in my SUPER chill mode lang siguro. I'm so weird! I hope I stop being like this na. :( 

Grateful for the great lighting in Seda Hotel's roofdeck, Ana's canon dSLR, and Mama Sarah's shades... I actually look presentable here. Toink! ;P

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  1. Cute outfit! Love those shorts! :)



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