My first love

Monday, August 12, 2013 —
Going back to my first love... Attending gigs!

Went to 2 gigs last week. Up Dharma Down in Reserve and Callalily, Ney, 6cyclemind & Gracenote in 70's bistro.

Monday night, I went to Reserve to watch an Up Dharma Down gig. It was my first time to go to a gig alone. Back in highschool, I had a lot of friends who loved the OPM scene. Almost every week we'd go to underground bars to watch gigs. But my dad wasn't comfortable with me going to those so I stopped. But now that I'm old and wise (LOL hopefully), it's about time I start going to gigs again!

Actually, I go to a lot of Up Dharma Down gigs since I'm such a big fan but I think I should broaden my horizons and watch other bands, too! :-) 

Before I get too emotional explaining my love for music, here are some photos and videos I took during the UDD gig in Reserve.

Favorite OPM band!!! Armi Millare, I love you 8-)

INDAK!! :-) My favorite tagalog song of UDD :)

Luna. Armi sang it in different language. Japanese? Not too sure.

Ugh. The lyrics of this song is so heartbreaking!!! Patama. Haha. "What are you crying for? It's just a feeling. God knows you can get through this..."

And of course, TADHANA! This is probably everyones favorite Up Dharma Down song.

Excited to watch them again this Saturday hihihi /ultimatestalkerfangirl lol

Wednesday night: Covers night at 70's bistro! Callalily, Gracenote, Ney & 6cyclemind.

Soldout yun 70s bistro! Ayos. :P

Gracenote performed Paramore songs.

6cyclemind covered the songs of the band "Fun"

Callalily sang Maroon 5 hits!

Support support lang kay Kean!


Parang pang album cover tong photo na to! Haha! With ze Callalily boys Aaron and Tatsi :)

My girlcrush, Eunice of Gracenote!!

Eunice is the ultimate promil kid! She sings, plays the piano, violin, guitar and drums! Ikaw na girl ;)

Callalily's version of Won't go home without you.

Their first single, STARS! Classic to :)

Fave Callalily song! Magbalik. Nakakafragile to :(

Thank you Pax, Nics, and Patrick for the fun night! I found my gigmates. What a term hahah :))


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  1. Wow great shots and this looked like fun! :)


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