My Gangnam style hair

Saturday, August 17, 2013 —

Said goodbye to my long straight hair!!! Say hello to my gangnam style hair (yes that's really the name of the style/perm hehe)

I've been itching to change my hairstyle since start of the year. I've changed the color, the length, and finally... I've decided to have it permed again! This time, I went to the famous Korean salon Tony and Jackey (West of Ayala branch). Loreal collaborated with them and created these new Korean City hairstyles: Hong Dae, Gangnam Style & Busan!

Personalized nameplate! I get kilig when brands do this :) Thank you Loreal!

Such a chic salon. Feel na feel ko yun Korean vibe hehe. Hightech mirror with TV!!! Cool 8-)

I got the GANGNAM STYLE digiperm (p8000). There are 2 other styles (Hong dae and the Busan both P2800) but I think they use traditional perm, not the digital one for those. Ava got the Busan style :)

Thank you Baker Street for the yummy cupcake merienda :)

Pax just got a hair treatment since her hair was too damaged. Best thing about Tony and Jackey is that they really care for your hair. If all they think about is their gain, I don't think they will restrain Pax from perming her hair. But they didn't allow her to permanently curl her hair for a reason :) Good job!

YAY I'm so happy with the outcome! :)

With Ava! :)

My blogloves!! Paxieness' hair just got styled. Hindi yan perm talaga :) 

Thank you Maybelline for doing our makeup! Natural ang peg. Love it!

With the owner of Tony & Jackey. So nice to meet you, Sir!!!! :-)

Thanks to LOREAL and Tony & Jackey for pampering us that day!! Super love my gangnam style hair :-) Hihi.

OPPA! Hehe :-)

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  1. love your hair! also got gangnam style :) hope all is well with you :D


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