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Monday, August 5, 2013 —
Happenings from July 29 to August 4! :)

July 29

Spent the whole morning doing errands in my old office. Had lunch with my former colleague (Hi Ate Nik!!!) in our building. Really miss being a PR girl but hey life goes on ahahaha :p Around 2pm, we went to the studio for a candymag beauty ed shoot! Guess who my model is?? My love Verniece!! So happy cos it's my first time to work with her. Love working with my friends. Plus saw a lot of familiar faces in the studio! Fun workday :) Didn't feel like one at all.

My rack :D

With my model Verniece and I was so glad to see Myrtle at the studio!! :)

My crazy colleagues hahaha :p And my favorite editor (NAAAAT HAHAHA) Elaine:)

The model and the photographer hahahahaha HI DAIRY!! :P

Working on different shoots hahah :) Awesome makeup artist Muriel, stylist RJ and photographer Shaira Luna (I always get starstruck cos she's the promil kid!! yuppp the gifted child:D)

With my soulmate Vern who I missed soo soo muchhh and RJ!!!

July 30

Quick lunch in Spatzle and pullouts in Le Bunny Bleu with Ians!! Love you banans :) Total girl shoot in the afternoon till night!! Was so tired after the shoot :/ I crashed in my bed as soon as I got home.

July 31

No photos!! :( But I did pullouts and bought these cupcakes for merienda. Went to Fort to get a massage then dinner in Mamou with my bestfriend Ikya! We watched Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo. HAHAHAHA SOBRANG LAUGHTRIP!!!!!

August 1

Free day!!! My goodness. This rarely happens. I decided to do a Cinemalaya marathon. I watched 4 movies alone :) If you're my friend, you probably know I love watching movies alone. But it's my first time to do a movie marathon like this. I enjoyed it so much :) 

I watched Transit, Ekstra, Rekorder, and Sana Dati. I was in CCP for 10 hours hahaha :)

Always been a fan of Cinemalaya. It's nice to know that there are still brilliant filmmakers out there who don't do mainstream and shallow films. Yung alam mong talaga pinagisipan yun ginawa hindi lang dahil uso. Minsan kasi nakakasawa yun ibang movies kasi pare pareho ng tema. Napaka predictable.

Transit was way beyond beautiful. I was deeply moved. I cried in some parts. Damang dama ko yun mga linya and ang galing umarte ng mga actors (congrats to Jazzy for winning best supporting actress!). Hindi eto biased opinion okay :) Sana magkaron ng commercial screening to! Must watch talaga.

Ekstra was really funny. Vilma Santos is a spectacular actress. Kahit ano talagang character, kaya nya. Hands down. Dito makikita sa pelikula nito kung ano ang nangyayari sa showbiz industry. Nakakamulat ng mata. Kaya sa mga gusto magartista dyan... panoorin niyo to.

I wasn't supposed to watch Rekorder. Dapat Babagwa pero sold out na. But I'm glad I watched this film. I loved how it was made. Sobrang artsy and kahit ang dark ng treatment, nagustuhan ko yun story. Maganda yun twists and pagconnect ng mga scenes. Unpredictable. Sobrang fresh nun concept.

The last film I watched was Sana Dati. I was so excited to watch this one. Love story kasi :P But hey, it's not your typical love story. I got so confused in the first part of the movie. "Ano ni Lovi si Paulo Avelino??" Hahaha!! Maganda siya. If i-absorb mabuti, makikita niyo yun lalim nun story. Nakakalungkot but I guess that happens in real life? Di ko masabi na favorite ko siya but I'd like to watch this again.

Met the lead actor of Rekorder!! Mr Ronnie Quizon! Saludo po ako sainyo :) 

Congrats to Direk Paul Soriano! Transit won so many awards!! :)

Loner mode :P Glad I did that. Nakakaclear ng utak hahaha :P

August 2

Went to the launch of Parachute bags (I'll blog about this on thursday!) in Rockwell. After, my blogfriends and I went to Cafe Publico Greenhills to bond. I had to leave early cos Stef and KP picked me up! We bonded over food in Early Bird Breakfast Club and Nolita. Glad I got to bond with my friends :) My friday was filled with substantial conversations. Sarap :)

Using my Samsung Galaxy Mega phone!! Have you joined my giveaway

Ganda sa Cafe Publico!!

Super love the design. Bakit ngayon ko lang to nadiscover??

Had sea salt caramel cocoa drink :) YUM!!!

Blogloves Paul Ana Pax Arnie Ava and Mama Sarah :)

HS friends are the bessssst. With Yats and Stef!

OINK OINK hehehe :p

August 3

Aracama for Joh's birthday!!! Ahhhhh sobrang saya. 6am na ko nakauwi. Daming nalasing. Hahahahahaha. Happy birthday bes :*

August 4

Dreams do come true!! Saw Mario Maurer 8-) Went to the Penshoppe Mario x Baifern event. Will blog about it tomorrow. Sadly I didn't meet him pero peksman, next time na balik nya dito dapat magmeet na kami hahaha LOL!!

Leaving you guys with the outfits I wore for the past few weeks!


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  1. This one is really a nice post. Lengthy but full of amazing things. :) It was nice to know that you love watching movies alone, and 2 thumbs up that you have watched 4 movies from cinemalaya.

    xx Diana


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