Tracy's diary: Calm before the storm

Saturday, August 3, 2013 —
July 22-28 was "the calm before the storm" week. Haha :D

July 22

Cupcake date with Teena! After this, I went to Elorde to do muay thai training and a bit of conditioning. But I had a cheat meal again for dinner because we ate in Namnam (my fave Filipino resto in GB2). Watched Turbo after stuffing ourselves with good food. Chill night with my clingy friends (Lyns, Mark, Jor and I) :D

Cupcakes By Sonja

Training at Elorde Pasay road. Muay thai + battling ropes!

July 23

Attended the G2000 opening in Shangri-La Mall with Pax. Bonding with my girlfriends after in Borough!! Slept over at my bestfriend's house. Talked till 3am. Hayyyy I missed you bes :* 

Visit G2000 in Shang East wing :)

Minimalist forever.

Borough. They drank alcohol and I had milk & cookies. Hehe!! Hi Bella, Maui, Joh and Iks :)

July 24

Back to lighter hair color and hello short hair!! :) Went to Azta's hipster party in their Eastwood branch. Chikahan portion with Ana while we were getting pampered. Thank you Azta Urban Salon :)

Rainbow cake :O

July 25

Pullouts galore. But I'm glad I got to attend the opening of Le Bunny Bleu in Shangri-La. Such a cute store with adorable shoes!!! Squeeee :D 

So dainty, right? Thanks for this Le Bunny Bleu :)

July 26

After a long day of pullouts in Fort, I met up with Lissa. Left Glorietta around 6pm to go to White Space Pasong Tamo and guess what? We got there at 8pm! UGH TRAFFIC. Seriously. :/ WTH!! The Samsung event was already finished when we arrived :( Went to Japy's house somewhere in Paranaque for his "despedida" :)) Game night with Lyns, Diane, Mark, Migs and Japy!! Taboo, Heart attack, charades, and pusoy dos hehehe. I think I'm addicted to card/board games :))

The new Samsung Zoom! Pic on the left is the back part and the pic on the right is the front of the phone. Yup. Camphone :O Aliw!

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 active! It's waterproof :O Wow!!! Seriously amazing technology! 

South hits with these peeps. Naks. Rhyming!! Lol

July 27

Dinner in Slice with Ikay but we didn't take photos :) Missed you babe!! Had red velvet pancakes in Draft while waiting for Aracama to open. GIRLS NIGHT OUT with my girlfriends :) :) Complete!!!

PUNCHBOWL, I love you. Heehee.

My girls Pisha, Xy, Bella, Iks, Teens, Maui and Martina! Loveeee :)

I have beautiful friends, right?? :)

July 28 --- Rest day before the stressful week :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my photodiary!! :) Happy weekend :)

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