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Monday, August 26, 2013 —
This was an extremely busy week. But good thing I managed my time well and was able to balance things. :-)

August 12

Highstreet the whole day! Pullouts for a Women's Health shoot. Met up with my SAMSUNG MEGA GALAXY winner! :-) Congrats, girl x After running around like a headless chicken for 5 hours, I was so glad to have dinner with my dad in Texas Roadhouse.

August 13

I love packages. Hahaha! Woke up to Pure N Fresh's gift: yoga passes, gym essentials, Goody headbands and the new Pure N fresh feminine wash! Thanks Ms Marcie :) Went to Greenbelt after lunch to do pullouts. After work, had a dinner date in Namnam with my dad. Best filipino resto I swear! No photos. :))

August 14

Women's Health shoot! Randomly met the Ann Ong cos Town and Country had a shoot in the same studio. She's one of my favorite jewelry designers :) Went to Fort after to do returns then check out new running shoes and longboards! I need both :(

MAGNIFICENT. Ann Ong is a genius!

Loaded longboard and asics running shoes, please?? :( Lol

August 15

Rest day, finally! Books + sweets... I'm good. Oink oink.

August 16

Such an eventful day!! Hedgren styling thingy - Taylor Lautner presscon, Ukkokei dinner w Joanna, Hedgren fashion show - Resto review with blog friends at JD House of Lasagna! Wheeew.


Cupcakes by Sonja from Christine and new bags from Hedgren! YEY :D

Mirror vanity haha with Christine :)

BENCH x Taylor Lautner presscon!! Ahhhhhhh so handsome :O

First time to try Ukkokei! Tan tan men! Soooo good :) But honestly? Didn't live up to its hype.

Foodtrip at JD House of Lasagna with my blog friends! Thank you for having us. Visit them in Mckinley :) 

August 17

Birthday salubong date with KP in Rockwell! Dinner at Grace Park + movie: The Internship (I want to work in Google now!!! HAHA LOL) Awesome bonding night with Yats :*

Muscovado beef belly, truffle pasta with organic egg and squash pasta with pistachios and goat cheese. YUMMERS!!!! Adding Grace Park to my fave resto list.

August 18

Sunday at home. SKINS + magazines :-) 

Last week's outfit posts :P

TOODLES!! x Enjoy this holiday + free day everyone!

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