Saturday, August 10, 2013 —

Are you guys ready to see the new TRILOGY store in Glorietta 3?

Pick your poison.

Who ever said Trilogy is just for hiphop/streetwear has never seen this rack!

Dope kicks ;)



Obey and Illest. Guess what cap I got?

I wanted to get this cap. Haha!!

And these two, too! :P

Stylebible kids Mark and Janey.

Paul, Mama Sarah and Tin

With my loves Dani and Lissa :)

Dani x Kyle & Verniece x Vern :)

Mama Sarah x Tin & Me x Lissa

Marj x Jackie & Paul x Kelly

Thank you for having us Trilogy!! :) Visit their new store in Glorietta 3.

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