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Monday, September 16, 2013 —
Can't believe we're almost done with September! :O Diary time! My life from Sept 2 to 15! 

Here are some of the outfits I wore this September!


Shoot for Total Girl! I don't have photos but yeah... whole day of work! Pullouts + shoot :) Morning package: received this personalized jewelry box from Avon + Solenn accessories. 


Work in the morning + shoot with Nuffnang after lunch :) Fun times with blog loves! Bonded with my bestfriend Iksters after weeerrrrrk ;)

Fridays fooooo lunch!!!

Third wheelin! Heehee. Hi Dani and Kyle!

My fave guy bloggers cuz Kyle and Pauly pocket!

Lights, camera, action!
Loves :-)

Selfie time with Paul's rayban aviators! Hi Ana banana! :)

Bacon and yema cupcakes from SLICE! 


Back to boxing and conditioning at Elorde Makati! :-)  I stopped for 1 month because I'm a lazy ass but now I'm back for good (I hope) hehe. Bought new sports bras because I think it's about time I invest on cute workout clothes. Went to Rockwell after gym. Dinner at Pancake House and watched Elysium with my clingy barkada :)

Sept 5

Chocolate delivery!! Thank you for a sweet morning, Choclery! I can eat their blue cheese, manchego, and salted caramel chocolates FOREVER. Hahaha! Met up with my bestfriend Joh in Megamall. Lunch in Yabu and movie! Guess what we watched? THIS IS US: One direction movie :D :D IN 3D!! Lol. Almost cried cos I really love Harry Styles. Wanna meet him someday. Lord, please?? Went home to fix up then off to Sofitel for the HOLA MAG LAUNCH

Sept 6- 7 

BLOGKADA staycation in Holiday Inn Makati + Team Manila SM Aura opening :) Nuff said! Read those posts for more kwentos :)

Love you guys!
Late lunch in Namnam + dessert in Cupcakes by Sonja with Joa after :)

Sept 8

Rockwell date with my fave cebuana, Nikki!!! I missed you love:) Ate in Pancake House + watched On The Job!! Sunday well spent :)

Sept 9

Lunch in Mary Grace with Ands. Can't believe she's getting married in 2 months!! :O After our date, I ran to Elorde (literally cos it was raining!). Workout time with Vern and Verniece:) Decided to reward myself after. Body scrub time at Bench Skin Expert :-)

Sept 10

Love, love morning packages!!! Thank you TRIANGL SWIMWEAR for this pretty bikini! Can't wait to use it in El Nido! :) 

Workout date with Lyns and Mark! I think I'm addicted to boxing :O Hahaha! Jap dinner after. Tried not to pigout. SUCCESSFUL! ;)

Sept 11

Yep, I'm obsessed with working out. Hahaha! Boxing + conditioning at Elorde with Lissa and Christine. Verniece went late but I was so glad to see her! :) Did errands with Lissa after. Dinner at Mamou with Kim and Ikay! Then magazine reading time + bonding with Kim at her house :) Missed you partner!

SO HARD AND SCARY! Monkey mode hehe

Fitness addicts in the houseeeee hahahaha!! Hi Lissa, Christine and Verniece!:)

Can't stop, won't stop. Looool

Love, love these two ladies :)

CRAZY PARTNERS hahahaha! :)

Sept 12

Quick lunch date in GH with my bes Lin then off to Eastwood for a salon date with Kirsten :) Attended the PUBLIKO pub launch after with Mama Sarah and Ana! Yummm! :)

Pretty bb! :*

We love PUBLIKO! Visit them in Eastwood!

POSER ako. They just made me hold that drink. Feeling alcoholic. Lolz. 

FOOD COMA. Thank you Publiko! :)

Sept 13

First time to try Zumba at Plana Forma!!!! :) So funny cos the teacher is my college classmate slash churchmate! Pahirap ka Ginoooo! :)) But I enjoyed the class. Thank you Christine! Pa-healthy lunch in Coffee Bean after. So glad Ana and Kelly dropped by! Went home to rest then off to Greenbelt to have dinner in Chihuahua and dessert in Breton with my loves Stef and KP! Thought my night was over but my bes Iksters picked me up then ARACAMA time. Haha. I'm so tired of clubbing. It's really not my scene. Around 2am I was becoming moody already so I just sat down and played plants vs zombies. TOINK. I'm such a dork. :\

I wanna try Plana Forma soon!!! 

My new workout buddy!

ZUMBA TIME! Pa-andar pose ni Gino hahaha

Missed you Ginoooo! See you again next week :)

Mapag-panggap na healthy lunch at Coffee Bean! Hi Christine and my checkered-loving friends Ana and Kels. HEHE

New shoes from Nike!! I want moreeeeee :(

Mexican food + crepes + crazy friends = a very happy me!

Brain twins lol same outfit ahahahaha! Meet my soulmate, Joh!!! :)

With the gwapo diggy and ganda pishy!! :)

So inlove with my friends :D Kaya siguro single ako. HAHAHA LOLZ

Leaving you guys with a photo of my Mama Sarah's tattoos. I've always wanted one but I changed my mind recently. I'm scared kasi madali ako magsawa. Hmm whatchuthink? Go or No? :-)

Anyway I didn't go out this weekend (sept 14-15). Self-imposed house arrest because I was over-contemplating about the future. I just really want to travel the world. Lord, please. I want a job that will require me to see the world. To explore, to discover, to learn. 



  1. Did you ever get tired? Lol. Busy girl. Aliw ako basahin 'to :)


  2. I love love love your photo diaries!! Ang tiyaga! Will try to do this soon. :>


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