Monday, September 9, 2013 —

HOLA magazine launch = SO FANCY! Felt like Cinderella that night. Lol.

Wore an Eric Delos Santos outfit to the launch! Read more about my black swan slash the great gatsby ensemble HERE

We were early so Ana, Ava and I stayed at Le Bar Sofitel first and had a cake date! :)

What a glamorous event, HOLA!!! Sabi nga ni Ana (read her blog post HERE), parang Titanic levels yun launch. HAHA. 

Jazzy is the covergirl (with her sister Anne) of the premiere issue of HOLA! So proud of you babygirl xx

Booze & food abuse and people watching with my crazy friends Ana, Ava and Pete! 
Can't get enough of this dress! :p

Congrats HOLA for the successful launch! 

Don't forget to grab a copy of HOLA mag's premiere issue with Jas and Anne Curtis on the cover :)


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