Let go

Friday, September 6, 2013 —

Well someone had a hard time trusting and letting go... at Anti-gravity yoga class :O (Akala niyo emo noh? LOL)

I tried anti-gravity yoga last week at Beyond Yoga. I thought it was going to be easy since I do the normal yoga but apparently I'm not good in dealing with my fear of falling! That phobia became a major hindrance to my concentration. Anti-gravity requires you to trust the fabric and let go. Obviously I found that challenging to do because I was majorly scared I was going to fall :)) 

But hep hep hep... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I'm going back again soon. Time to conquer my fear. Wish me luck, eh? :))

Thank you Ford Philippines for this fun experience :-)

Meet this lad! What a cute yoga teacher. HAHAHAHA.

To the adventurous ones out there, I suggest you try this mates! Happy "flying"! :P

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