Sporty spice

Sunday, September 15, 2013 —

Top - Basic House
Shorts - Zara
Cap - Team Manila
Shoes - Nike

Today's inspiration: MEL C of the Spice Girls aka SPORTY SPICE!!! Do you guys remember her? She was my idol back when Spice Girls were still at their prime. I would copy her clothes, her moves... everything! I had a tomboy phase when it comes to clothing because of her. That's how much I idolize Mel C. Heehee.

I know this is a plain outfit and some will say it's not blog worthy. But what's blog worthy nga ba? I loathe it that I have to look like a doll and/or someone straight out of a magazine editorial everyday just because of the "fashion blogger" label. Ermm... tao lang po. I came from the gym then I took the train kaya ganito yun outfit. Comfort over pagpapaganda. CHOS!

Ok off to CCF for sunday worship :) A steady and serene sunday to everyone! xx

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  1. Sana all bloggers are like you. You're not afraid to wear whatever you feel like wearing kahit some would say it's not blog worthy. Pero what's blog worthy nga ba? I believe if you look good naman sa photo and you're confident about what you're wearing. That's enough to blog about :)



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