Travel diary: Coron day 2 - afternoon

Friday, September 20, 2013 —

Coron day 2 afternoon :) More more snorkeling in the middle of the sea, hiking, and swimming in Kayangan Lake :-)

After our glorious morning seeing shipwrecks and the very lovely lunch in an island, we rode the boat again. Anna, Ikay and I felt like swimming again so we asked the boat to stop in the middle of the sea. 


Where are the mermaids??? HAHAHA LOL

Then we finally got tired finding nemo and dory hahaha so we all decided to chill in the boat and asked the tour guide "san tayo next? kayo na bahala!"

They brought us to...

PARADISE. Seriously!!!! Akala ko heaven na dito eh. KAYANGAN LAKE, you are beautiful beyond belief!

Hiking was pretty challenging though. Saw some caves along the way... 

The exhaustion we felt was unexplainable but when we reached the top...


I remember telling Ikay "I think I can live here forever" SERIOUSLY. Picturesque!

Took a million shots! Hahaha.

We walked down the lake to swim and explore a very dark cave... while swimming!!! I don't have photos because it was risky to bring one. But that moment got stuck in my mind. Anna and I laughed like crazy fools. Felt so scared and paranoid while swimming inside a very dark cave (w/no flashlights!) Jokes like "baka may anaconda!" popped up. Haha. We survived though. YOLO MOMENT! Hehe

Happy little girl :)

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Posting day 3 tomorrow:) Last part of my Coron travel diary!

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  1. love the view! sarap mag papicture jan! ♥ summer please come soon ♥


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