Travel diary: Coron day 2 - morning

Thursday, September 19, 2013 —

Coron day 2 --- morning! Island hopping, snorkeling, and shipwreck :)

We went to the port around 9am. Island hopping time! :)

See Mt. Tapyas? Can't believe we were able to hike that during our first day. Read about Coron Day 1 HERE :)

With Anna banana!

During our second day, I knew I was falling hard for Coron already!!! Way beyond beautiful :)

Ikay chilling like a boss in our boat :D

Insane. Magical place!!

LOOK AT THE WATER. So clear (!!!) We stopped in the middle of the sea to do snorkeling! And to see a shipwreck :O Tip: if you're too scared to go diving and see the other shipwrecks, you can ask the manongs/tour guide to take you to the skeleton shipwreck. You don't need to dive, just snorkel.

School of fish!!! Hihi

Skeleton shipwreck! :O Amazing!!

Look at my hands ahahaha I was so nervous to see the shipwreck. May mumu kaya?? Lol

Time to swim and have lunch in this island! I can't remember the name of the island. I have poor memory :(

Ahhhh so amazing. Clean and clear water :D

Excited to swim and chill! :)

The first thing Ikay did when we got to the island was to sunbathe! // Look at the magnificent rock formation.

My travel buddies: Ikay and Anna!

Golden island senoritas :D

LUNCH TIME!! We had these cooked... in the boat! Naks fresh! TIP: Buy food in the market and ask the manongs in the boat to cook them for you :) Happy fiesta LOL

Alone time in the island! There were no people when we went :) YAY!

Ikay and Anna even fell asleep while sunbathing. SO BAD. Poor skin!:( 

While I decided to camwhore then eventually...

I woke them up! :D

HAHAHAHAHA please don't judge me I really wanted to camwhore in this rock. I'm so weird. KTNXBYE.

We left the island after lunch cos people were starting to invade our privacy. HAHA JUST KIDDING! But seriously... we're antisocials like that. LOL jokejokejoke!

Will blog about what we did during the afternoon of day 2 tom! :) 

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  1. fresh seafood is always the best meal at the beach! ♥


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