Travel diary: Coron day 3 and 4

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 —

4 days in Coron is not enough! Actually just 3 full days because our first and last days are considered halfdays. Here's my 3rd and last day Coron photodiary. Hope you enjoyed this series! Next week: Vigan travel diary :-)

On the way to Malcapuya island :-)

Can't get enough of the beach, eh? We're really mermaids... Lol

White & fine sand and clear water... what more can you ask for??

My co-beach babies Ikay and Anna!

The background? SEA! WATER! Wanted to show you guys how clear it is!

Check out my one and only Coron outfit post HERE :) I actually posted it last year. HAHA LOL. My travel diary is one year late :O

Chill and lunch time in the island. Missed the greenery! :p

Snorkeling time again!!!

After an hour of exploring corals, we all decided to head back to the city because there was a storm. Our boat ride was CRAZY WILD. I actually have videos to prove it. Thought we were gonna die!!! It was that scary :o But hey, we survived!

Our last day was dedicated to finding pasalubong! That's actually an ashtray. Cool, right? Even though I don't smoke I found it interesting. Got tempted to buy it for my smoker friends but didn't because I didn't want them to think I'm ok with their vice :P

Time to go back to Manila! :(

Really fascinated with clouds. FACT: I love traveling but I'm scared of airplanes. I used to love them but my TAIWAN flight (read about my Taipei trip HERE) freaked me out so much. There was a storm so the turbulence lasted for an hour. The frequent drops and shaking of the plane made me fear flying. Can't forget that experience. Thought the plane was going to crash. 

I go out of manila/ the country almost every month so imagine my fear everytime I ride the airplane. Please pray I get over this phobia! :(

ONE BIG ANYWAY, I'm too excited for my Miniloc Island, El Nido trip :D I'm going 2 weeks from now. This time, with the parentals! :-)

Hope you enjoyed my Coron travel diaries! See the other parts here:

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