Bangkok: Khao San Road

Saturday, October 12, 2013 —

7 things you can do in Khao San Road

1. Eat street food! (I'm very particular about eating street food because I'm forever paranoid but you got to try this!)

2. Shop (you can find the most random things in Khao San Road. Lots of stalls who sell apparel, accessories, souvenir items etc)

3. Drink in pubs and party in clubs/bars (Actually I think this should be number 1. Nuff said. No need to further expand this)

4. Make friends! (Khao San Road is a mini-united nations abode. Different nationalities! Be friendly, share a table / a drink with them! Tin and I actually met a few locals too. Wish we were less shy though!)

5. Get a massage (Yes! Try the famous THAI massage. It was kind of awkward to get a massage in the middle of the street though. It was so hot plus people will look at you. But it's an experience!)

6. Watch the street shows (A lot of performances at Khao San Road: people breakdancing, doing magic, gays who are doing dance showdowns. So amusing!)

7. Walk around and explore the ins and outs of this place (You'll be surprised! Tin and I saw alleys with pretty cool graffiti, quirky shops etc. It's not dangerous trust me!)

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