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Friday, October 18, 2013 —
Hello everyone!!! :) I'm back from El Nido, Palawan and Bangkok! Will definitely blog about these trips when I get the chance. But before the vacation thingamajig, let me show you my October 1-12 photodiary!

Outfit posts! Yikes! Need to shoot more :) Hehe. Have you seen these posts?


Went to CLOSE-UP Forever Summer launch! Had high fever (39!) and had to rush cos I came from a shoot. But hey, I survived that day. Thought I was going to pass out though. Lol

Ate at Wildflour with Ana and Paul after :) Finally got to try their hazelnut hot choco! Sarap :)

October 2

Candy shoot then dinner at Corazon with Kimmy! :)

What we had for dessert: Milkeggshoney dessert from Green Pastures Shangri-La and Kitkat :P

OOTD. Didn't get to shoot this. Only instagram. Haha. #fail


Pullouts in the morning! Had Jamba Juice for lunch and Cafe Bola for dinner! :)

SALON time at Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon in Libis :)

Had my own private room!!! What is super spoiled??? :)

Got a keratin treatment, manipedi and eyebrow threading:)

Used a NARS nail polish :) Thank you Nars!!!!

Visited the other private rooms! Hello mother shen and Ms. Marcie!:)

Yummy food and desserts! Felt like a princess that day :)

Hello Dani and Mama Sarah! Look at their happy faces! Satisfied customers:)

Love the urban chic vibe of this salon!

I got a keratin treatment. Para siyang brazilian blowout but more gentle and safe for the hair. I had permed hair right? And I wanted to straighten it but ayoko ng rebond. This was the perfect treatment for me! My hair is straight again (but may body and volume). I love it!!!! 

With Dani my love:)

It was my first time to try eyebrow threading. I thought it was going to hurt but noooo!!! Almost painless. Kakagulat lang :) 

For the maintenance of my new hair, I use these products :) Now my hair is super soft and silky again. Thank you for a fun pamper day, LOUIS PHILLIP KEE SALON LIBIS! Special thanks to Marcie Linao for inviting us :)

Went to the TIESTO concert after with Pax and Mama Sarah! :)

Got my new TRIANGL swimwear!!! AHHH i'm so inlove with them :) :) 

Also got my new Nike flyknits that day! HIHIHI. SO COMFY!
Date night with my orgcomm loves Marky, Trist, Diane and Nads! :)

OCT 6-8

ELNIDO PALAWAN! No photos yet (just the cover photo of this blog post) Bitinin ko muna kayo. Next time na ang travel diaries ;)


National events day!! Lol. Went to Terranova and BCBGMAXAZRIA openings :) Will blog about these store openings tomorrow! :) Dinner in Dome with Cheys, Mama Sar, Ana and Paul after a long day:)


Went to Tricia's book launch! Tricia is probably my first blogger friend. I still wasn't blogging when I met her. So proud of you. You deserve it! LOVE YOU!:) Buy her book guys!!! ANG GANDA!! :) 
Went to Unilever Philippines' Pledge your Hands event. Ang cool ng CSR na to. May proper way to wash your hands! Iniisip namin gumawa ng video to demo it :) Abangan!! Washing your hands properly promotes good health! Kaya guys, don't forget to wash your hands ;)

Thank you 2nd's for the yummy food!:)

We were supposed to go to the Freeway event pa, but we got stuck in traffic for 3 HOURS. Yes. Damn EDSA!

But the good side of being traffic? Stopover in Kapitolyo! Dinner in Poco Deli with my blogkada:)

October 11

ANDI'S bachelorette party!!! :) Theme was 50 shades of grey!! Hahaaha so fun! It was my first time to go to a bachelorette party! :P

Can't believe one of my closest friends is getting married in 3 weeks. WAAAAH!!!! 

Love you ands :)

THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Happy weekend :)

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