Monday, October 21, 2013 —
I'm definitely spoiled by brands!!!! Here are the awesome gifts I've recently received :)

bags and wallets from AVON. They also gave me bras and lingerie! 

Necklaces and bracelet from HOLIC

Bag and iphone case from FREEWAY

PHYSIOGEL products!

Make-up remover, eyeshadow and lipstick from BODY SHOP

Violet-ish lipstick from BODY SHOP

nail polish and lipstick from LOREAL
This lipstick reminds me of sunset/fire, for some weird reason. Thanks LOREAL!

matte lipsticks from MAYBELLINE

Lipstick review soon! :D

Foundation and powder from MAYBELLINE!

Powder and cologne from LEWIS AND PEARL

Hat from BETMAR :-)

products from GARNIER

Hair accessories from PINKBOX

And lastly, 150 style essentials for every girl by Tricia Gosingtian! Proud of you love:) Thank you SUMMIT MEDIA.

Thanks brands! LOVE YOU ALL :-)


  1. You're so lucky for having all of that! I super love the matte lipsticks by maybeline :'>
    That's why I'm so happy to be a blogger. I also get freebies like that in international brands :)


    Take Care xx


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