7-eleven's BRING YOUR OWN CUP day!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 —

You know how some peoples’ go-to drink is coffee? Mine are cold drinks. Shakes, iced whatever… basta cold! Haha. One of my favorite cold drinks is 7-Eleven’s SLURPEE! This is so random but I love eating ice (YES HAHAHA) so imagine, eating crushed ice pero may iba ibang flavor!
Last week, I went to the Bring Your Own Cup Day media launch of 7-Eleven. Basically, I found out that on November 7 is “Bring Your Own Cup Day” meaning customers can use their own cup to buy Slurpee for 29 Pesos only!

The fun part of the BYO Cup Day is that your cup can be anything! A pitcher, a trophy, a small bucket. I actually want to look around the home stores to check out containers! Basta guys, AS LONG AS it’s clean, leak-proof, fixed in size and shape (So bawal plastic bag ok!) and can fit through the “maCUPangyarihang bilog” (it’s a standee with a hole that measures 9 inches in diameter.) Pwedeng pwede yan container niyo, so don’t forget to measure before you rush to 7-Eleven!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! There’s a contest on who can bring the most creative cup. So for the artistic people out there, it’s your time to shine! Think out of the box. Bring your most unique and creative container. Follow 7-Eleven on Facebook and Instagram and upload photos of yourself with your cups! Don’t forget to use the official hashtag #BYOCupDay! If you win, you’ll get to take home 5,000 Pesos! Ang saya lang, diba??

So guys, kitakits sa November 7 sa 7-Eleven (naks rhyming!) para sa Bring Your Own Cup Day! Excited to stuff my face with SLURPEES! Okay guys, time to go! Going to the mall now to find a container. J 
To know more about the BYOCupDay, don’t forget to like 7-Eleven Philippines in facebook and follow their instagram (711ph) Remember to use the hashtag #BYOCupDay on November 7!

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