Friday, November 22, 2013 —

A month ago, I got bored (again) with my dark hair and decided to change it into something brighter! But I wasn't sure what I wanted so I let the hairstylist in STATUS HAIR SALON Katipunan choose for me. He picked something autumn-ish. So really light brown with highlights. I was so scared at first because I'm really particular about my hair but hey! It's time to try something new :)

I also got a keratin treatment (my perm is now nonexistent thanks to this treatment! --- Yup I got tired of my curls hehe) + eyelash extension (I've had mine for a month already and it still looks great!!!)

I also wanted to get a mani-pedi but I had to leave for work. Boo! I wanted to relax pa naman in this zen area of the salon. I'm sure you all know I'm a fan of minimalist anything so I appreciate the design of their nail station :)

Plus look at the nail art they offer!!! Quirkiness at its finest :-) Wish I had longer/nicer nail beds para I can prettify my nails more!

What I love about Status salon is that they work so fast! Pero quality parin :) I've been to salons na omg sobrang tagal ng service. But this one, they're really quick but they still deliver. So to the people who are busy and always on the go, STATUS HAIR SALON is perfect for you!

Thank you STATUS Katipunan! :-) It is located beside KFC (in front of ateneo).

To see my new hair (with lighting and everything LOL!!!), read this post :-)

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