The art of being zen

Saturday, November 23, 2013 —
I can say I had a crazy October. Not the negative kind of craziness; more of a confusing blur. Perhaps because I drowned myself in work and time was constantly competing with my to do list. Around the first week of November, I knew I needed a getaway. Andi's wedding in Baguio came in a perfect time. But when I went back here in Manila, I terribly missed my chill 4 days in Baguio and seriously wanted a vacation extension.

Gladly, there's a place where I go to in Greenhills wherein I can just relax for hours and not think of the hustle and bustle of life. I'm sharing to you guys my favorite spa place: KI by Neo Day Spa Greenhills. I actually wrote about this spa before (because I think I'm really their number one fan LOL). 

I love massages/spas. If only I can be a massage expert or spa writer... AHHHH! That would be the perfect job for me.

Just a short kwento. I brought my cousin Venice with me. We needed our monthly bonding session and we also craved for a relaxing activity of some sort (to help clear our heads) so of course, a spa date is the perfect "escape" for us.

We both got the ginger body scrub (60 minutes) and Ki Bodywork massage (90 minutes). 

We also chose the water based oil because its supposedly for detoxifying and calming. We needed both so bad!

While waiting for our therapists to prepare our rooms, we had tea and talked about being zen. Ven and I both watch Carrie Diaries and that week, the episode was about being zen. Finding balance in your life. We were laughing because we're obviously longing for that "Zen" state but we're so far from it. The hindrances that life throws at us are intensely perplexing, but at the end of the day, I thank God for my cousin because we're going through things... together :-) The challenges are bearable after all. Naks!

For those who are wondering where exactly in Greenhills is Ki by Neo Day Spa, it's located in Wilson Street Greenhills West San Juan. For some weird reason, it's like the whole place is soundproof. I always feel like I'm inside a safe, comforting bubble whenever I'm in KI. 

We finally went inside our room. The bed is covered in plastic because the first treatment was the ginger scrub. 

The ginger body scrub was AMAZING. My skin felt really soft after (parang baby! haha!). The scrub also helps in blood circulation and body pains. And we all know ginger is used all over the world for healing purposes diba? Yun hirit ko kay Ven "can this treatment heal a broken heart?" CHAROT. Hahahahaha!!

After the ginger body scrub, we had the Ki Bodywork massage. I was fighting the urge to sleep cos I wanted to "feel" the whole massage but it was so hard! The hands of my masseuse was really pushing me to go into deep slumber. After an hour of that heavenly massage, Ven and I looked at each other and both chanted "best massage ever!" 

We didn't want our spa date to end :( But ;ook at our happy and satisfied faces :-) 

Walked around to check out the other rooms of KI.

The place itself is so calming already. If I was going to rate this place, I'd give it 5 stars. Service is stellar. I can't wait to go back :-)

Visit KI by Neo day spa in 35 Wilson Street Greenhills West San Juan. and they also have a branch in Fort! It's at G/F Net One center 26th street corner 3rd avenue bonifacio global city :-)

Thanks for a memorable spa experience, KI! :-)

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