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This is my third and final post about my trip with 2GO travel to Iloilo and Bacolod. Wrote about my ship experience (really great for my first time!) and my short trip to Iloilo (5 hours to be exact! :p). And now I'm writing about my REALLY short but sweet trip to Bacolod.  

We were welcomed by MASSKARA dancers! Was supposed to go last October to the Masskara festival but I ended up going to Bangkok with my parents! Hoping I can go next year. *crosses fingers*

I covet their costumes!!!!! Gypsy-ish ang peg :p

What a warm welcome!! I was so excited to explore Bacolod eventhough we had 2 hours lang! Yup, 2 hours :O

First stop: THE RUINS

Roger is probably the best tour person in the world! I'm serious!!! I always get bored pag tours but this guy is so funny! Pang comedian levels! Someone get this guy to act! :) Galing talaga eh. 

He toured us around THE RUINS and told us the history of the place. Because he was such an effective tour person, I still remember the whole history. With facts and everything! I'd make kwento but I think you guys should just go to Bacolod and visit the ruins! The trips to Bacolod via 2GO travel is really affordable (naks lakas mag PR bwahahahaha!) CHOZ

I'm sure it'll look lovely pag day time. But I'm still glad I got to see it! I'm sure I'll be back next year for Masskara so I can visit this beautiful place again :) Morning naman this time!

Next stop: CALEA for dessert and coffee :)


My friends from Bacolod and my friends who went to Bacolod always mention this restaurant to me. Alam kasi nila sweet tooth ako, I'd love it there daw. I was so happy when they mentioned na part ng itinerary yun CALEA! Woot woot!

Tin got the cheesecake and I got the chocolate cake! But we shared rin :P

Coffee and cake, good combination of bitter and sweet :P

Pero alam niyo ano perfect combination? Bonding over coffee & cakes with friends! Bwahahaha anong hirit yan tracy :)) Lolz
Wanted to hoard cakes but we were running late! Iiwan na kami ng barko!!! Hehe

Last stop: Provincial capitol para magpicture! YUP :-) Mga 2 minutes lang kami. Bitin na bitin ako sa Bacolod!! And again, to my Bacolod readers who tweeted me, sure babalik ako next year :-) Abang abang! Ang sweet niyo na gusto niyo ko makita. Sure ba kayo dyan?? Hehehehehe :p

We got sa ship mga 9pm and I slept early. Imagine, I went to Iloilo and Bacolod for 7 hours! Grabe lang. Fieldtrip kung fieldtrip eh! :P I woke up to this pretty view!!!!

After eating lunch, I decided to have a massage. Sobrang perfect. PLEASE LOOK AT MY VIEW. Diba??

Crashing waves ang drama!!! Total relaxation... CHECK!!! :P

After my lovely massage, we watched the cooking demo of Chef JP (the master chef of 2GO Travel)

He taught us how to make kilawin (na sosyal haha!) and mango parfait :) 

Went around the ship to take photos and watch the sunset. :) Na emo kami konti ni Tin because the trip was coming to an end. Ahuhuhuhu

Sucker for sunsets. And the sea. Thank you Jesus for showing me this :)

Last activity? Talk of Eco Dela Sala (na inspire ako mag video ng travels ko because of this guy!) and Pong of Googly Gooeys (who never fails to make me realize na I should take care of my blog and create the best content). Grabe ang dami kong thoughts and realizations after this talk/trip!

Oh and the best part? Nung awarding, they awarded me! Anong award? Best photos + most likes! :) Cute! I won 2 roundtrip tickets to Boracay. That I'm thinking of using for my labor day Boracay trip if ever I'm here na :P 

We arrived in Manila around 9pm, and guess ano sumundo samin? THE BLACK LIMO!!!!!

Feeling ko nun rich kid of instagram na ako. HAHAHAHA

Hello bloggers! :-)

Inside my spaceship??? :) Joke!

At dyan nagtatapos ang aking photodiary about Bacolod and 2go travel! THANK YOU SO MUCH 2GO TRAVEL for this wonderful experience. I still get kilig whenever I think about this trip. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to experience your ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL vessel! :)

I'm sure you guys are curious if I recommend riding a ship. For a person na super scared of airplanes, I enjoyed my ship ride! I felt more safe actually. :) It's way cheaper than airplanes, too! Plus ang daming magagawa! Start palang ng pagsakay niyo sa ship, bonding na with friends yun drama :) Dun na nagstart yun adventure ko. So happy I got to experience this. Looks like I'll be riding 2GO again next January! Where to? CEBU for Sinulog!!!! :) 

Thanks again 2GO TRAVEL! Ahhh so grateful :)

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