Biker chic

Sunday, December 1, 2013 —

Jacket - NAVA
Leggings and boots - Topshop

I finally got to update my blog!!! Apologies for the sudden hiatus. For some weird reason, it's so hard for me to balance my schedule nowadays :( If you're following me on twitter, you'll see how busy I am with shoots and my new job: styling Jasmine Curtis for her new show on TV5! I've been sick for almost a week now because I don't get enough rest but I'm really thankful for all the blessings God has been showering me :) November was wonderful but I know December will be awesome beyond belief :) I can feel it! *attracting good vibes*

Pretty obvious it's my first time to do the BIKER CHIC trend. This is one of the most popular trends this FALL 2013. More more leather and black! Hehe :-) Edgy much ang peg ko. Bwahaha!

Ganda ng photographer ko noh?? :) Thank you Prits for taking my outfit shots! :) Missed you carebear!!

One big anyway, GUYS!!!!! Eto na, eto na!!!!! Bloggers United this Saturday, Dec 7 in World Trade Center! :-) Ipon ipon na! I'm going to blog about this plus sneak peek sa mga ibebenta ko :-) I'll be selling shitloads of heels and clothes! Abangan :-)

Plus, one of my favorite shops, NAVA will be having a booth in Bloggers United 6 also! :) My biker/tweed/leather jacket na I'm wearing in this outfit post is from NAVA! :) 

Kitakits sa Sabado! :-)

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