Cooking time: Tomato pasta with top torikatsu

Monday, December 30, 2013 —
Disclaimer: it’s my first time to cook and post a food blog here so no judgments okay?? J

Last Sunday, I went to the grocery with my bestfriend. We wanted to have a cookdate so we got whatever we wanted and planned to cook dinner for the both of us. While I was checking the meat/frozen section, I noticed this new product from Bounty Fresh: TOP TORIKATSU. Been hearing about this in radio ads and it got me so curious. I bought the cheese and chives one (since I’m a huge fan of cheese ANYTHING haha)

It was my first time to cook something on my own. I used to watch my friends cook but I never took over the kitchen. I was just always a little helper. Chopping stuff, handing them the ingredients. But this time, I decided to cook without any help!

It’s actually really simple to cook TOP TORIKATSU. Just deep fry it in oil for 3 minutes…

Looking really calm but I was really scared of the oil. HAHAHA

After 3 minutes, FLIP! J

YAY! And it’s golden brown J I didn’t burn it. Naks! I’m so proud of myself haha please excuse my happiness hehe! We were supposed to eat this with rice but I suddenly had an idea to mix it with tomato pasta! J

Boil the pasta and add sauce! We chose PREGO tomato sauce. No need to cook this, just add lang sa cooked pasta J

Slice TOP TORIKATSU and add it in the pasta!

YAY! J Finished product: Tomato pasta with TOP TORIKATSU! Cooked this in less than 30 minutes. So easy to prepare! And mind you, ang sarap ok :D Hahaha!! So glad my bestfriend and I finished this. Yummers! Can’t wait for our next cookdate. Naks, I think I found a new hobby! ;)
TOP TORIKATSU by Bounty Fresh is available in all groceries nationwide. (Bought mine in Unimart Greenhills for 170pesos)

Try niyo rin to! J

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