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Tuesday, December 3, 2013 —

Read this little girl's travel journal about traveling to Iloilo and Bacolod via 2go ship for the first time ever :)

Arrived at 2GO's The Hub and tambay while waiting for our bus going to the port!

Got so excited when they gave this to me. FIELDTRIP ANG PEG! :P

Our pink shuttle bus! Hello Port. ANO DAW? Hahaha :D

They were strict parang airport levels. Which is good because it's my first time to ride a ship and I am praning when it comes to my safety (malamang haha)

Clean waiting area :)

Our ship is here! ST MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL. So huge!!! I was so amazed :o

Inside the vessel with my blogger barkada Tin and Pax! Ana, where were you?? :)

Warm welcome from the 2go team! Salamat :)

TOUR TIME! Hello Rod and Paul :)

Here's the common room and lockers... I checked and infairness, ang linis! One point! :)

The event hall. Yup, there is an event hall because every night, there's a stand up comedian na nagpperform! I'll tell you guys more about it later :)

Hello Pappi Rod! Ang gwapo :))

Since I was so praning, I made sure I looked or the emergency exit and mga manual :)) Haha. Guys, it's better to be informed! :-)

Speaking of praning, there's a clinic on board! Where I got tons of bonamine (that I actually didn't need because the ship wasn't shaky naman!)

The tourist room! Pang barkada to :) Sa mga tipid but still want their privacy, this is for you :)

There's a salon inside the vessel! Kaloka ang galing :) Sorry, first timer eh! I actually had a massage nun day 3 namin. Sarap to get a massage tapos view mo yun sea. Spell perfect eto na yun! :)

The VIP dining area. :)

And for the mega budget people, there's a room na seat lang! Not bad if you're the type who can sleep while seating down. Isipin niyo nalang, nasa airplane kayo. Airplane seats naman siya :) 

The blogkada debating "kaya ba natin sa ganito?" and everyone chanted "kering keri!" love my friends for being so game all the time :) walang kyeme!

We went to the Pilot House to visit CAPTAIN! :-) 

Since it was my first time and I was really paranoid (I am a swimmer but I'm scared of drowning haha labo), I asked him a few questions. After asking technical stuff, I finally stopped rambling about my first time jitters :)

 "I am the new captain. Pwede ba ako na ang magpatakbo ng puso mo?" HAHAHA CHAROT.

We went outside the Pilot House to check out the scenery...

The ship wasn't moving pa so hello Manila! :)

Assembly time for the seamen! :) Cute!

Pax and I struggling to get a decent photo cos of the strong wind. :))

Where we planned to take outfit shots but we werent able to do so because we spent our time mostly in our rooms. Talking and resting :)

After the tour inside the vessel, merienda time! Yummy croissants by Chef JP Landingin. Head chef of 2go travel :)

Then we finally went to our room!!!! :) Anagon was our roommate, nagkamali lang yun name na nalagay :)

Was so shocked to see a hotel room inside the ship. Hahaha. Again, i apologize kasi first timer lang ako! :P 

Sucker for personalized letters :) Thank you Stephen of 2GO!

After settling, natulog kami nila Pax, Ana and Tin! :) We woke up dinnertime na!!! 

Magenta party at the event hall!

I enjoy comedy bars talaga :)) Tawang tawa ako dun sa comedian! It's nice that 2go has this every night para entertained yun guests!

Paul and pappi Rod sang that night! Actually me also. Spontaneous much! Had a duet with Eco dela Sala. Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang. Naks!!!

Matchy matchy with babe Paul! :) Kwento about day 2 and 3 tomorrow! :) Toodles!

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  1. Ang saya nga talaga ng 2go, and ang cutie pie din talaga ni papi rod! ;p


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