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2 weeks ago I rode 2GO travel's St Michael the Archangel for the first time ever (Read about my cruise experience HERE) to Iloilo and Bacolod. See how I got to maximize my 5 hour stay in Iloilo! :-)

Arrived in Iloilo Wednesday 11am. We left Manila Tuesday around 3pm? I'm not so sure because I slept when we're still in the port then woke up in the middle of the ocean na kami. HAHA! But travel time is around 20hours.

Short tour of the city while we were inside the bus. We just went to Iloilo for lunch and to drop off relief goods :)

"You can't sit with us!" hahaha lunch buddies Pappi Rod, Ana, Paul, Tin and Pax! Not in the photo: Pong!

We had the famous inasal at BBQ Park. I was so hungry grabe I finished the whole chicken (which rarely happens because diet diet ako haha). But it was so good so simot!

Happy tummies = happy kids :)

Met the owner of BBQ Park! Thank you Sir for treating us to Iloilo's famous inasal! :-)

On the road again. Hello seatmate Paxie and backmate Tin :-)

Church hopping time! I love visiting church. As in whenever I go to a new place, I make sure I visit their churches. :-) 

Women's church

Love the park! Ganda sana pang outfit photo but we didn't have enough time :P

So camwhore nalang w friends :P Mej fail pa putol si Ana!

Beautiful church :)

Diba sabi nila, when you go to a church for the first time ever, make a wish. I actually didn't make a wish. More of... I thanked God for everything. I feel so blessed. Surreal that I get to travel because of this blog that I created 2 years ago lang. God is wonderful. Salamat Papa God! :)

Back on the road! Saw this interesting building plus SM Iloilo! :P

Passed by Biscocho Haus to buy pasalubong! Discovered about these butterscotch sa Kalibo Boracay. Was so happy I finally saw their store/factory! :-) Of course naghoard ako. It's one of my fave desserts. My dad loves them. Siya actually nagbilin sakin!

Then we went to Jaro Iloilo to visit their cathedral...

Where the miraculous Virgin Mary is situated. Pope John Paul II actually visited and canonized it in 1982. Why is it miraculous? It was actually 12 inches lang before (if my memory serves me correctly) and now look how big it is! Yup it grows. Plus it leaves at night daw. I'm not questioning any religious miracles but I have a lot of questions in my mind about this. :) But grabe, galing ni Lord :)

Another cheesy moment with my blogkada :) So thankful for them! Missing Mama Sarah!

Segue lang, abangan niyo travel group/blog namin ni Tin, Pax and Ana next year :-) 

Ate this little bibingka/kakanin Pax bought sa street :) Sarap! Mej nakakaddict!! Cute pa haha so small :D

More more tour realness! Iloilo is so beautiful.

Blogkada loves! Ready for merienda. Gutom gutom na hahaha

I'm sure you all know Iloilo is famous for LA PAZ BATCHOY! We went to Deco's to try it :) Yum yum! Sakto pa with puto :-)

Then we went to Iloilo's city hall to drop off relief goods :)

So happy we got the chance to help our brothers and sisters in Iloilo. Nakakaoverwhelm yun dami ng relief goods but they actually need more. The googlygooeys are actually going there again next week so if you want to donate anything, please contact them :)

Ganda ng Iloilo! Nabitin ako sa 5 hours ko dun actually :)) Some of my Iloilo readers wanted to meetup but I didn't have enough time. Seryoso, babalik ako soon! :-)

My one and only OOTD for the whole trip. Sinong tamad magshoot? :)) 

Time to say bye bye to Iloilo:(

Road 2go's boat to BACOLOD! Yup! :) Major major adventure kami that day :)

We left Iloilo around 5pm.

Purple sunset! Nakakaemo :P Abangan yun Bacolod photodiary ko tomorrow :)

Thank you 2go travel! :)

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