Sweater weather

Monday, December 16, 2013 —

Top - Bayo
Skirt - Petit Monde
Necklace - CLN
Sandals - Chinese Laundry from SM Fashion Forum

Sorry for the blurry photos! Yikes. Sucks to have manual lens and poor eyesight :/ Thought the photos were sharp but apparently not! :( Anyway, this is what I wore to a LOOOONG day of errands. I can't stop wearing sweaters!! Haha they're just so comfyyyy! :) Want to hoard now before the summer season starts! Lol.

Ok, toodles now! Have to do pullouts then bye bye Manila :D Adventure time :) :) 


  1. Nagmatch ang sweater sa skirt! I love it ♥

  2. Love love love this outfit!! Died over your sandals btw. :)


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