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2 weeks ago, I tried this hip new resto in Ortigas, Detalle. It's situated near Metrowalk/Julia Vargas. Below Anne Curtis' century tuna billboard. Yup... that's the perfect landmark :P

First thing I noticed is the interior. Love the grey and brown color scheme. Looks unfinished yet polished? I'll show you later why! Second is when they gave me the menu, I got shocked with the prices of the food. It's so reasonably priced. I got so excited to choose from the selection because everything seemed good!

First appetizer: Las Sardinas (P230)

Housemade Ricotta (P260) One of my favorites!

Crispy Pigs ears (P280) 

Arancini (P250) Probably their BEST appetizer for me!:)

Lamb meatball sliders (P270) My mama Sarah's fave! Loved them too :) Super soft lamb meatball!! Melts in your mouth :O 

Banque Fried Chicken (P280) This is also an appetizer. Which surprised me kasi pwede na siya pang ulam! Lol

Squash soup (P195) Liked this but the problem is when it gets cold, it can get a little sweet.

Mixed greens (P280) I'm particular with my salads. I LOVE salads and I must say, this one is good! :)

Margherita (P250) Wish it had more cheese but I liked it as it is naman! 

Pan Roasted Chicken (P330) and D Burger (P380) Didn't get to try the Pan Roasted Chicken but I think it was Pax or Paul who said it's really flavorful. D Burger was more than what I hoped for ;) Loved the perfect mix of blue cheese and bacon jam!

House Steak (P680) Affordable steak but SOOOOO good!!!! Also their mashed potato. I rarely find OK priced steaks here in Manila. It's usually super expensive (but super good!) or cheap (but so bad!!) so I'm happy I found an reasonably priced steak in Detalle!

Grilled Salmon (P400) Everyone's favorite! I don't know if our blog barkada just loves salmon but we definitely give this a 10/10! 

Ragu a la Bolognese (P320) I wasn't able to try this because I was super full but I can't wait to go back and taste this delicious looking pasta! :P

Truffle penne (P340) I requested for this one because I'm such a fan of truffle anything! Liked that the amount of truffle they put was just right. The taste wasn't overwhelming.

Super fun and FULL night with my blog barkada + Nic!

Detalle also serves drinks/cocktails. We actually were planning to go to their rooftop (Where their bar/inuman place is located) but we were so full from all the food we consumed :))

Thank you so much for the kind and generous owners of Detalle for having us! :)

Visit DETALLE (pronounced as DE-TAL-YE) noooow! :)

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