Eat: SF Bistro

Monday, January 6, 2014 —

I'm always in the lookout for new restaurants. I love food and eventhough I'm concerned about fitness, I still make sure I get to reward myself with yummy treats.

Last week, I discovered a place that offers a promising selection of food and drinks that surely satisfied my cravings!

SF Bistro is situated in Tuscany, Mckinley Hill. It is the same group that handles Rue Bourbon. I'm sure some (or perhaps most) of you are familiar with that chill bar. So when I found out they're handled by the same people, I knew I was (and my tummy lol) in good hands.

Smoothies: Yema Mama (P120) &  Nutella Funtella (P150)

Refresher: Ginger Detox (P95)

Mushroom truffle pasta (P210) 

The richness of this dish was just right. I'm particular about truffle ANYTHING and this was, by far, one of the best truffle pastas I've ever tasted.

Buffalo wings (P260) 

We had the spice level adjusted because we (Sarah, Tin, Pax and I) aren't fans of spicy food. This is perfect with beer :)

Greek salad (P195) 

Salad lovers will surely enjoy this because for a supposedly healthy dish, it's really tasty and flavorful!

Baked crusted salmon (P330) 

Everyone's favorite! For me this is their best creation... yet! Everything was perfect. How it was cooked, the sauce, mashed potato... AHHH! Heaven in my mouth :-)

Baby back ribs (P295) 

I definitely recommend this to all the meat lovers out there! The meat was cooked to perfection and the serving size was just right to fill your tummies.

3 cheese lasagna (P195)

I liked this but they can make this better by perhaps mixing the right kinds of cheese. It was too rich for me.

Salpicao and Chocolate Pannacotta

Didn't get to try these but I'll surely come back for em! :-)

How I take my food shots. HAHAHA. Now you know :P

If I'm going to rate this place, it'll be 9/10. Loved all the food we ordered plus it was really affordable. Serving size was big and the place is really cozy!

Thank you SF Bistro for feeding us!:)


  1. AHH EVERYTHING LOOKS SO GOOD ESPECIALLY THE RIBS AND THE SALMON!! Hahahah love your foood photography so looking silly whilst taking photos is definitely worth it!!

  2. Yummy! Might want to go there next time! I want to experience dining in there very soon!


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