Guess who's back

Sunday, February 9, 2014 —

Guess who's back back... back again! Hahaha :P HELLO UNIVERSE! I think the term 'unexpected hiatus' frequents here in my website. A lot have been tweeting and emailing me why I don't update my blog anymore. I apologize because I got too caught up with work so I didn't have time to shoot outfit photos. I mean whenever I had extra time, I use it to sleep, read, or hang with my friends. Actually, there's no acceptable excuse for the blog laziness. But I already have pending posts for this week so HURRAH! I am improving :p 

So how's everyone doing?? I hope the first month of 2014 treated you guys well! Mine was a nauseating rollercoaster ride (see even figuratively I loathe rollercoasters! lol) but february is like the calm after the storm. I am TOTALLY inlove with February. Perhaps because my days are filled with so much work (I am not complaining I like being busy!) plus I am leaving in 2 weeks for a 3 month SOLO/YOLO trip in US!

Happy sunday everyone xx


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