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Sunday, March 2, 2014 —

Dress - Vogue Manila
Bracelet - Pandora
Heels - CMG

Attended the Pandora Essence Collection launch last week. I've been drooling over the bracelets and charms at Pandora and it's such a perfect timing to be introduced to a new collection. I think what I like most about the Essence collection is that it's simple yet oozing with class. I'm a fan of minimalist anything so I loved the charms of this collection. Plus, every charm has a meaning/representation.

My faves: Positivity, courage, wisdom, wellness and joy.

I also like hope, stability and confidence. I THINK I LIKE EVERYTHING. Haha!

The inspirational women who embody the Pandora essence collection: Amina Aranaz, Lisa Macuja, Kim Jones, and Karen Jimeno

 I got the wisdom charm because God knows I need one right now.

My first Pandora! Can't wait to collect:)

With my blog loves! :)

Thank you Pandora! :)

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