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Friday, March 28, 2014 —

People who follow me on my Instagram usually ask the editing apps I use for my photos. After much begging and pleading, I’m finally going to reveal them! J

For photo enhancing, I use Afterlight and VSCO.
Afterlight is a paid app but I promise, it’s worth it :P

This is just a simple demo of my favorite filter. Look at this photo. The original one on the left. I used the effect from the “Guest” filters. Afterlight has 3 filter categories: Original, Guest, Seasons. Each category has at least 15 effects you can choose from. My favorite is the russ effect in the Guest Category. It gives your photo a vintage vibe (See photo on the right)

After putting a filter, I adjust the saturation to make the photo livelier. For this photo, I didn’t adjust the brightness and contrast but for some of my photos, I do that. :P After editing it, I put a white frame inside. So it won’t be cropped when I upload it in Instagram. If you’ll notice, my Instagram has white borders. I don’t know why but I like the overall feel it gives my account :P

But for the food shots (that I’m super proud of… LOL) I use…

VSCOcam! It is a free photo editing application that offers a variety of really cool filters. The original photo is on the left. I only use the F2 filter for my food shots. I want unified editing when it comes to food shots HAHA. After putting filter I adjust the exposure and bam! J Look at that pretty food shot right there :P Hahaha! It makes your food more delicious looking! J

I always feel the need to share my photos online so I’m really glad GLOBE has Powersurf 499! J You can control the way you consume your 1GB worth of internet data for a month! I’m fond of using Instagram, like I upload around 3 photos in a day and I always refresh my feed. And 1GB worth of internet data is big if you’re just always using instagram and twitter or even facebook! J  

To register, just dial *143# for free!

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