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Thursday, March 13, 2014 —

There are so many things we want to do, so many places we want to see... but there are a lot of things holding us back. The limited hours in a day, our super busy schedule, the ever-pressing concern of wealth. Our list of excuses doesn't seem to end.

Does the possibility ever cross your mind that one day, you'll wake up and find yourself to be too old, your bucket list too long, and your time not so well-spent? You find a life full of regrets. It's a scary thought, isn't it? We spend most of our lives thinking of what's to come, and often forget to truly live.

Make the most out of everyday so that at the end of each and every one of them, we find that there is nothing about it we'd want to alter. LIVE WITHOUT REGRETS. It's time to push ourselves to change and find a tool to help us move and grow.

Went to the launch of Metrobank's new prepaid card a month ago at Vyne. This is the only prepaid card that gives you worry-free access to a lifestyle upgrade that you have always wanted, so that truly, you can live without regrets! The Metrobank Prepaid Card will you all the advantages of a debit card and the perks of a credit card! :)

I think I found my new hangout place in Fort ;) This is located in W building beside Hyve.

With my tablemates!!! We talked about how cool the new Metrobank Prepaid Card is. Imagine you can swipe this in POS machines of any Mastercard affiliated establishments. Also, you can withdraw at any local and international ATM. Applying is so easy. Just visit a Metrobank branch, present 1 valid ID, fill out the application form and pay P100 pesos!

The girls and I discussed about how we tend to overspend when we use our credit cards (WAH) but with the Metrobank Prepaid Card, you don't have to worry about overspending because it encourages you to spend within your means. Just load your card at any Metrobank branch, online, phone, or even through an ATM! After that, you can start swiping and shopping! :D

So David and I asked Jolo from Metrobank if the prepaid card has perks. Yup a lot actually! They have a long list of partner establishments like Hyve, Mr. Jones, Perry Ellis, Momo, M Cafe etc. The cool thing also is there is no maintaining balance & no initial deposit required. This is perfect for highschool and college students who want to get a hassle-free card!  Also, for yuppies like us (cos the pressure of having a credit card is crazy!)

Hashtag itsmorefunwithcamsandpat daw!! :) Hi girls!

Landi landi time with David. BWAHAHAHA

We played Heads Up hahahaha (So random right!!)

And went to Hyve to grab a few drinks :D

Fun night with my Metrobank Prepaid Card co-ambassadors! :)

These are the items I purchased with my Metrobank Prepaid Card. :D I just put 15k in my card so I can budget my shopping for my US trip essentials: a luggage bag from American Tourister, a leather jacket from Suiteblanco (for the cold weather in New York), and Nike shoes (because I will do a lot of walking and I need comfy yet stylish/practical shoes!) The card made sure I only bought what I needed/stuff within my budget! Yay! So happy with this new card!

Thanks Metrobank! :D

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