New York day 2: Soho, Union Square, Flat Iron, Empire State, Beechers, Museum of Sex, Play cafe

Saturday, March 8, 2014 —

Soho, Union Square, Flat Iron, Empire State, Beechers, Museum of Sex, Play cafe

Graffiti everywhere

First Topshop branch in New York

Dean and Deluca lego blocks candies!

Urban Outfitters

After Soho, I decided to walk some more

Discovered this quaint bookstore near NYU called Shakespeare bookstore

Church time! Thank you Lord for everything :)


Forbidden Planet --- toy collectors' haven!

Ted and Star Wars?? YES PLEASE


Union Square park

My hangout place: Barnes and Noble :P

Study in New York? Hmmmm.

So tempted to buy Doc Martens :|

Beechers for late lunch. They claim to have the world's best mac and cheese! 


So many beautiful parks here!

I actually didn't go in! Just checked out their shop. Hehe. What a funny store. LOL

Went to the Empire State. I didn't go up anymore. Should I? Is it worth it?

Play Cafe outside Museum of Sex

My caffeine addiction is back!!! :/

Hello there little loner. HAHA

Terribly want these nike shoes!!! AHHHHH. 

The New School

Forbes Magazine

Washington Park

THIS. CANDY. PLACE. :| :| But hey I didn't buy anything. /diet

Passed by Prada

And Topshop before going home :)

My first full day alone in NYC. No companions and I only have limited wifi (so no opportunity to bug my friends in Manila). Being here for almost a week has taught me so many things already. I'm slowly detaching myself from all the stressors I've been carrying in my heart and mind. For the first time in years, my brain finally stopped overthinking. 

My mind now is just filled with new literature, google map, directions... oh, y'know all those touristy/explorer stuff. HAHA. 

I finally let go of the past and stopped worrying about the future.

I'm just embracing THE NOW. And it is AMAZING BEYOND BELIEF.

Goodnight from New York. :)

All photos were taken with a fujifilm x-m1.

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  1. wow that fujifilm x-m1 really has great photo finish. does the camera ideal in taking outfit shots? nice photodiary by the way :)


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