New York day 5: Columbus Circle, MoMA, Rockefeller

Sunday, March 16, 2014 —

Columbus Circle, Time Warner building, St. Paul Church, Halal, MoMA, Rockefeller, Godiva, Anthropologie, Lego Store, Magnolia Bakery.

St. Paul Church near Fordham University

Met up with Claud in Columbus Circle. We were supposed to go to Central Park but it was too cold that day so we decided to just go to Midtown!

But before going to Midtown, we had to go to the mall to buy salonpas for my almost dead feet and legs. LOL

Columbus Circle and entrance of Central Park

CNN building. Look it was only 30F that day and it was UBER windy!

Subway time!


Went to the original HALAL GUYS stall near MoMA.

Our brunch. Chicken over rice. This was only $6 :) We shared it pa! The HALAL GUYS is a must-visit stall here in NYC.

The only problem is that we ate our food in the park!

It was FREEZING. I had to jump in between bites because my body was going numb :|

Crazy lost girl in NY hahaha

How we ate our food! Lolzzz

Walked around Midtown after our delicious brunch.

And stopped by Godiva for dessert! ;)


Checked out the Lego store in Rockefeller center.

The famous Rockefeller center + ice skating rink! ;)


My New York buddy, Claudia :)

Dropped by Anthropologie. Cute store but the price point of the stuff was pretty... MEH.

Went to Magnolia Bakery to try their famous banana pudding! SO WORTH THE CALORIES.

Ice skating during winter? Ummm pass. HAHA.

The line in HALAL! So long! Good thing we were the first customer. Hehe.

Went to MoMA with Marcel. Check out my photodiaries HERE and HERE

After an afternoon at MoMA, we walked around and discovered this Hogwarts-ish church. Nice :D

And... my battery camera died! :| Marcel and I actually went to an Irish pub to eat early dinner then Gershwin theatre to buy myself a Wicked ticket.

That's all folks :) Till my next NY photodiary!

All photos were taken with a fujifilm x-m1.

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