New York day 6: Times Square

Monday, March 17, 2014 —

Saturday night at Times Square! :D

The original plan was to go around NY and do touristy stuff but Ayang and I were glued in front of the television (too many good movies) so we just stayed at home. LOL. I also injured my foot so rest day was a must! At around 6pm, we decided to drag our lazy butts out the apartment to go to Times Square and drink with Filipino friends! We went to Social (a really chill pub) for open bar. Unlimited amarettos? YES PLEASE. Haha! Ayang and I left early though. Around 10 perhaps? We grabbed Halal and Magnolia bakery cupcakes & banana pudding before heading home. ULTIMATE MIDNIGHT SNACK YO. Okay, nighty night!!!

All photos were taken with a fujifilm x-m1.

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