New York day 9,10,11: Around midtown, 5th ave, Wicked, East Village,

Sunday, March 23, 2014 —

Grand Central station, The Plaza, Balthazar, 5th ave, Times Square in the morning, Broadway, Wicked, Chikalicious & dive bar in East Village
Day 9

Met up with Robbie for the ultimate foodtrip experience :)) We ate lunch at Shake Shack in Grand Central station, had dessert in The Plaza, and early dinner at Balthazar in Soho!

This was also the day I learned to take the subway ON MY OWN. Hahahaha. Yay for me? :)

Day 10

Went around Midtown. Broadway, Times Square, Rockefeller, 5th ave while waiting for the 7pm show of WICKED! Since I wasn't able to catch it in Manila, I decided to watch it here in New York. This is my second broadway show in NY! First show I saw was Lion King (must-watch) and this time, Wicked. Can't compare the 2 because I liked them both SO MUCH. 

Day 11

Can't forget this day because the weather was SO FREAKING ERRATIC. I left the house and the weather was OK but as soon as I arrived at Soho, it got crazy cold!! I walked from Soho to East Village and met up with Anna Canlas (my fave Preview fashion editior who studies in NYU now). Bonded over cupcakes, cronuts, and hot chocolate at Chikalicious. After our quick merienda, she brought me to a dive bar somewhere in East Village! Happy Hour :P Thank you Anna!

Hope ya guys are liking my New York photodiaries :) I'm having a blast here! Hihi :D

All photos were taken with fujifilm x-m1.

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