Los Angeles day 9: Sprinkles Cupcakes, Rodeo Drive, art gallery in Beverly Hills

Monday, April 14, 2014 —

An afternoon at an art gallery in Beverly Hills, Snack time at Sprinkles Cupcakes, window shopping in Rodeo Drive :P

I don't think I'll ever get tired of going to art galleries. Seeing various artworks always makes my heart skip a beat :D There's really something about understanding and interpreting paintings and photographs. I didn't expect to see an art gallery in Beverly Hills. My bestfriend and I were just window shopping in Rodeo Drive after our scrumptious snack at Sprinkles when we saw this quaint gallery around the corner. Sharing with you guys the pieces that I liked! :D Also took photos of the stores in Rodeo Drive. If only I can say I shopped in these stores but NO. :P Too high end! Perhaps someday (or with my mom haha hi mother :P)

All photos were taken with fujifilm x-m1.

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