Las Vegas day 1

Friday, April 18, 2014 —

(Yup, this is Vegas! :P)

Stayed in LA for almost a month but did a sidetrip to Vegas and San Francisco :) Around my second week in California, my friends and I decided to take a break from our chill life (full of netflix HAHA LOL) & drove to the sin city... Las Vegas, Nevada!!!! :D Woot woot!

After 10 days in California, my friends and I drove to Nevada. It was only 3 hours away from my bestfriend's house in Victorville. It's my first time to go to Las Vegas so I was very excited :P Stayed in Mandalay Bay for our first night. The original plan was just to stay for 2 days but we decided to extend ;) Will tell more about that on my next post.

We arrived at 4pm so we checked in first then walked around The Strip. Pretty lights everywhere!!! Watched the famous dancing lights/fountains at Bellagio! It was just in front of the Paris area (yup they have Eiffel Tower and Arc De Triomphe there hahaha). When I posted it in instagram, people thought I went to France! Lol. Maybe next year. 

One big anyway, of course we went clubbing in Vegas! HAHA. Went to Pure. After 2 hours of dancing (LOLA MODE hehe), we went to the casino area to gamble! It was my first time. I was already winning in Baccarat but I decided to push my luck so MEH... I lost. Huhuhuhuhu. Never again! Gambling is so not for me. No beginners luck, eh??? :( Haha. Tried the slot machine after. TALO PARIN. Tus!

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