Las Vegas day 2

Sunday, April 20, 2014 —

So we extended our stay in Vegas! :P Have you seen my DAY 1 post? If not, click HERE :)

Day 2 was hotel hopping! :P Mandalay, Paris, Venetian, Encore, Caesar's Palace. Hotels in Vegas look really interesting. The interiors of the hotels are superb. I wasn't able to go to all the hotels but we visited the pretty popular ones. Anyway, so why did we extend our stay? Well my friends' friends saw 200 dollars on the casino floor. So what did they do with the money? Use it to pay for a hotel room at Encore! (Thank you Sam, Martin, Rex) :) They asked us if we wanted to crash at their place and of course we said yes :P Gotta love spontaneity! Badly wanted to party (NAKS THIS IS NEW) so we went to Hakkasan (the hottest club in Vegas now!) and got to watch Dada Life (apparently they're popular djs here in the US!) Hahaha of course I didn't know that. I'm not into tugsh tugsh LOL

Best part of the night? Walked BAREFOOT around Vegas at 3 in the morning (!!!!) with my besty Kristin :)) Our feet were hurting like crazy so we removed our heels and YOLO... Hahaha. We were desperate for Mcdonalds and we couldn't find a cab so yeah :P Adventure much?! 

Vegas, I will be back ;)

All photos were taken with fujifilm x-m1.

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