Los Angeles day 1: The Grove

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 —

Saying goodbye to New York was pretty hard. Woke up early for my 12noon flight to fix my things and have breakfast with a friend. Ate at Balthazar and I was getting panicky because I was so scared I'd miss my flight (it was a monday plus it was St Patricks day and NY traffic is unpredictable). Good thing Robbie was so chill about it (hahahaha) and had a very reliable driver who hurriedly drove me to the airport (Thank you Robbie!!) 

After 6 hours of being bored in the plane, I was so glad to see LAX! It's my first time to go to California (I always stay in the east coast) and I was VERY excited to see my HS bestfriend Kaye who I haven't seen for 5 years!!!! Ate dinner at Umami in The Grove (BEST TRUFFLE BURGER/FRIES AHHH) with her brother and her other bestfriend here. It was so funny cos Kaye was warning me about LA. She told me how chill the city is and I might not enjoy it as much as NY. But hey, I've been here for 2 weeks already and so far so good! :D 

Will save the other kwentos for my next blog post. Toodles!

All photos were taken with fujifilm x-m1.

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