Los Angeles day 2: Urth, Rodeo Drive, Sprinkles, Urban Light

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 —


Now I get why they say LA is so chill. It really is. I have to be honest, I miss New York (I like the fast-paced life there) but I think California has taught me to appreciate the slowness in things. To just completely relax, I guess? :P

Since I'm staying here in LA for almost a month, my everyday itinerary isn't too hectic. Day 2 was pretty chill (I think i'm going to overuse this word for my LA blog posts haha!). Had dinner in Urth Cafe (I just had salad because I'm on a diet BOOOO), dessert in Sprinkles (Red velvet ice cream and cupcake ATM... what diet?!) and a mini-photoshoot in Urban Light at LACMA (remember No Strings Attached? :P)

That's all! I'm currently in San Francisco and I'M FREEZING. Brrrrr. Thought winter is over... I guess not :/ :/

All photos were taken with fujifilm x-m1.

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