Los Angeles day 9: Via Rodeo, Beverly Hills & Caffe Concerto

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 —

See part 1 of my LA day 9 HERE :-)

(yup that's a blanket --- it was too cold and we stayed outside the resto!)

Did you guys read the first part of my LA day 9 diary? Had to do 2 blog posts because I don't want to flood you guys with photos :P I try to limit the photos that I post (BUT IT'S SO HARD WHEW). Like what I said in my previous blogs, LA was crazy chill! I just submerged myself in Netflix (I'M A FAN), went to a lot of malls/outlet stores, and tried different restaurants with my friends! It's so hard to REALLY explore the city because you need a car to go around. Not like in NY wherein I just walked or rode the subway!

All photos were taken with fujifilm x-m1.

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  1. Hi Tracy! I love your travel posts. I will take note of all these. So when I go to LA this fall, I will go to these places too. :) Keep posting! Makes me feel more excited. Take care. Have fun. Make lots of memories.


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