New York day 14: Foodtrip, MoMA & MET bookstores

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 —

Second to the last day in NYC :(

This is my second to the last day in NY :(( I was feeling so sad already because 1) I really regret cutting my trip short 2) Major sepanx with my friends in New York. Huhu. One big anyway, I decided to check out MoMA and MET bookstores. Yup, geeky sunday for me! Then I had late lunch/merienda with Jhonel and Chuckie in Schnippers (sarap ng blue cheese burger!!!). After, Chuckie and I felt like celebrating St. Patricks Day (HAHA) so we went to a bar and drank wine! Sakto happy hour :P Spent my sunday night with Robbie! We ate dinner at this italian resto then we were supposed to go to Serendipity but it was closed cos may taping! Boooo. We just decided to chill at his place and he made me dessert. Naks! Thank you chef :P

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